PAID for a support call,
dude's answering could barely be understood while speaking English and didn't know a thing about the topic of the call itself (it was very very specific).

The call lasted 5m and was only used to schedule another one on Monday to let them understand what we're asking and come back at us with a solution.

Fucking waste of time.

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    Maybe you will get hours worth of support for that 5 min
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    My wife had a very specific issue with her MS word. Very Very Specific.

    MS support did 20+ calls with her, and invested at least 40 hours, until they solved it. MS. Not kidding.

    It started with a 5 min call....
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    @magicMirror had a similar experience but with fortigate firewall support.

    Sent in a ticket.

    Two days later I got a call from germany and over the course of a week they spent many hours troubleshooting :)

    But I have seen the other kind to, though not recently.
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    @Voxera the real fun was that when I got the call, I first saw an foreign number and when I answered I heard “something ... technical support”

    The cal almost ended right there ;)

    But somewhere my subconscious pulled the breaks and I actually asked what they said :P instead of just hanging up another “microsoft support” call.
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