why are you not using HTML5 to create your own super computers and AI's?

source: https://truckinginfo.com/330475/...

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    Even for marketing slick fuckery, wtf.

    I guess it's the same people making a big deal that the tesla spacecraft had some some semi-functional dashboards written in js.

    Meanwhile the truth is more like on avenue 5 where the "bridge crew" are actors and they have a nerd cage under the floor board where the engineer/actual crew are hidden away.
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    @SortOfTested hey, that js spacex/Tesla interface is very neat.
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    It is, but it's not the real show.
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    I'd be interested in some "HTML-only" Full-Stack development.
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    This must be a case of marketing talking to R&D. The engineers (as marketing would call them) gassed on about how it works and marketing only caught the HTML5 (sorry, HTML 5) part, which they then manage to relate into "infographics".
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    I actually had a business meeting with 3 guys from Siemens to present a real-time data survailance system with work order ERP integrated. It was all fullstack HTML5 library components, "no pesky javascript here". Wish that they could know what the F12 did :DD
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