1. Have some issue with my code which spits out cryptic compiler error.

2. Ask on stack overflow, Reddit, etc for a solution.

3. Get scolded at for "not reading the documentation" and "asking questions which could be answered by just Googling". Still no clue what I'm doing wrong, or what the solution would be.

4. Find someone else's vaguely related problem.

5. Post my problematic code as the answer, with arrogant comment about OP being a retard for not figuring that out for themselves.

6. A dozen angry toxic nerds flock in to tell me how retarded and wrong I am, correcting me... solving my original problem.

7. Evil plan succeeded, my code compiles, and as a bonus I made the internet a worse place in the process.

I think if you tell a bunch of autistic neckbeards that "all coronaviruses are fundamentally incurable", you'd have a vaccine within a week.

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    *slow clap*
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    I feel like scolding should not be allowed unless you can show what the OP has done wrong and where they should have found it...

    It is a lot of work, but at least the OP might learn to fish.

    Anything else is just bitching.
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    Lol, mission accomplished
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    And then there is this lot (Mostly I am one of them LOL :D :P )
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    Good old Cunningham's Law!

    Well done

    Source: https://meta.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/...
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    @Jilano Oh wow it's actually a thing, with a name? Haha 😆
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    Here is your award 🏆 sir
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    Taking notes...
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    That hit home closer than I expected. So true, and woks at a workplace as well.
    Had experience before asking for help from a colleague for hours just to be ignored. Submitted a PR with a half-working solution, got 'corrected' to the working one in minutes
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    @uyouthe I thought we agreed you wouldn't share photos of me on the internet 😟
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    yet another stackoverflow SLAN (Stupid Little Angry Nerd)
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    I think that you are the problem in this scenario.
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    I knew a math wiz who spent his time on math forms posting ever so slightly wrong / incomplete explanations for people asking questions.

    He did it primarily on questions that weren't being answered and he didn't want to take the time to explain fully (answer questions after the fact), but he wanted someone to help them.

    He helped so many people.
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