Fuck you to the hunt and peck "tech lead" who did his utmost to stop me from getting promoted by trashing on my reputation behind my back.

That was really the last straw for me at that job. I quit to work on my own projects.

I will never work in big tech again.

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    I worked with a "senior" level linux admin that used two fingers to type (slowly) and was amazed at tab completion...and then never used it.
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    That sucks. That type of person is far too prevalent in texas IT/engineering, from what I've seen.

    Don't write big tech off though, move west to the big show and you can seriously capitalize, then move back to low cost of living to enjoy an easy coast in smaller firms.
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    @BobbyTables that is a senior citizen not level anything
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    Office politics sucks because of crappy people. Big tech companies are okay because ideally they are stable.

    Try to voice out against crappy people, talk to them and their next level superior. If it still does not work then find another company.
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