I wonder if flappy bird dev is in this community. Anyway, I want to ask you guys - What would have you done if you were in his situation?

I hear he removed the game after he saw people are wasting too much time on it.

People waste too much time on porn, Facebook, YouTube and what not. I don't understand his reasoning behind removing the game.

Anyway, what would have you done?

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    I heard the real reason for him removing it was a threat from Nintendo about copyright issues on some of the graphics.
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    @tylerhartwig You mean the pipes? Dafuq
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    Yes that's what I meant, lol
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    Lol I was taking you way too seriously for way too 9ong into that post
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    I disagree with that entirely. I won't say our society does not depend on it, that's entirely way too true and factual.

    I don't think porn is awesome or anything like that, I'd prefer if it were not such a massive thing in today's culture. (I'd really prefer if it weren't a thing at all)

    I think it has drastic, awful side effects, both from religious and secular viewpoints.

    But, not trying to start an argument :) just my view on it, haha
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    @letmecode Haha its a fun discussion I'd love to get into sometime, religion is sadly very polluted, but, like you said, good talk haha 👍
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    Porn is fucking great.
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    @letmecode that's true, it would be nice to have side rooms to not blow up a rant with discussion too @dfox
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    @tylerhartwig @letmecode Amazing that you both had one of the most civilized discussions I have ever seen on the internet, about a very sensitive topic.

    I take my hat to both. You've earned my respect.
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    But I heard the dev committed suicide?
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    Why the fuck are we discussing porn on devRant
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    @sarooooj no, that's a myth I'm pretty sure
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    @VacGamer I was wondering the same
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    @VacGamer Because it's great, duh.
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    @forkbomber and after that wonderfully civilized discussion, this is what a ignorant debater sounds like.
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    Maybe to make it more popular and in-demand
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    Without porn the web would be stuck at version 1.0 and half of us would be working at McDonald's.
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    True, that's what I heard too.
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    @bluesdriven but at least we'd get to steal infinite mcnuggets.
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    Best comment thread I've read today lol
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    @NathanDoesDev true, I didn't read the entire thread before replying either. I don't respond well to religious arguments.
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    In response to religion, my opinion stands whether you put religion in the mix or not, that just happens to be a personal influence, with that removed I still hold the same stand and opinion, just for other reasons :)

    Sadly, religion is its pure form has been tainted and corrupted by many :/ it is sad, and I disagree much with many things done in the name of "religion"

    you all are great :)
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    I've said it earlier,I will say it again: "Their is only one true religion and one true god : the goddess of tits and wine"

    Valar Dohaeris ;)
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