I'm getting so pissed off by this client, here's the gist

We signed agreement defining the following deliverables:
- news page and news article page
- releases page and release info page
(it's a guy from a record label)

After the signature we (me and my colleagues) went to work and finished all that (+ a little more actually, yea I know never overstep your agreement right but we did) and we got paid (all good)

Now after payment he's asking us to do more (some kind of mail installation thing), so I obviously tell him, as I actually have many times before, that our agreement only stretched as far as those 4 deliverables and we wouldn't work without a new agreement defining a new set of requirements or an hourly rate.

Next he goes and tells me the following
We already have an agreement. I'm not paying you on an hourly rate as you are not next to me. Let me know
-- First off no we don't, the agreement only covered the 4 pages
== immediatly after
Also you really need to work on your costumer service. Your attitude is very rude. I don't know how many clients you have but all this distrust attitude is not in your favours. Let me know if you want to proceed?
-- Are you fucking kidding me? I am rude and distrustful? I JUST DO MY FUCKING JOB YOU PRICK

Sorry just need to let off some steam

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    That is the kind of thing I am dreading. But you gotta stand your ground I guess. You're trying to make a living for crying out loud 😅
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    @mrstebo If you want to know, this is what he answered ..

    But there is agreement in place showing our responsibilities. That’s enough for you to trust us. Ask any lawyer! Anyway let me know about the mailer?

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    Any descent client understands the need for basic legal documentation and rules of engagement in the form of a contract and scope of work. Don't work for nothing and cover your back, like you clearly are. They can go fuck themselves.
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    @helloworld I am definitely covering my back but I just can't stand this guy and it started off so well in the beginnings :/
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    Just don't do the work if you don't want it and client won't pay. Politely let client know that you are no longer interested in working with them and move on.

    Any back and forth you do at this point that is not in agreement with the client will be perceived as bad customer service.

    9 times out of 10, if you take the above approach, the client will return to you, willing to work with you in a high level relationship. It sounds like you have a low level relationship right now, which isn't beneficial for you or the client. Good luck.
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    @liammartens then Fuck Off is the best solution, but done in the nicest possible way. You never know who he knows and your paths may cross in the future.
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    Yeah. Contracts need to be signed to cover your back. If anything goes wrong then at least you are covered. As soon as a client at starts trying to take advantage I would probably keep my distance from them for a while. As has been said, if you were doing a good job then they'll probably ask you to do more work (following the proper processes)
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    @helloworld @mrstebo @darkcode

    politely fucked off and took our distance from this passive aggressive man
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    Once more devRant is here, ready for you to vent the steam. We read. We understand. We both nod and shake our heads.

    So. No need to sorry your rant, dear dev. This is the place! 👍
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    @liammartens I will ask the client one question: where in the signed contract does it cover the works your are now requesting?

    Trust is a two way thing. You said you do not want to pay me per hour because I'm not there...this shows that you do not trust me....double standards is not a good look
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    This happened to me ONCE. My new contracts now state any additional work requires a new Professional Services Agreement. No further issues.
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    You're already paid so you can just send him a change order and call it good. He'd probably not accept it but your work is done.
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    @ninjatini well we stopped working for the guy :)
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