Notifications broken?

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    Some dipshit script bombing the site earlier. Had to purge the queue.
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    Bot spammed over 13k comments.

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    @SortOfTested @C0D4 Oh what? When was this? I was kinda inactive yesterday
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    Had to be within the last 8 hours, as I only saw this after waking up this morning.
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    Like 30 minutes ago. The fun bus pulled up, it was crazy. Even the fat kid in the babylon 5 t-shirt got laid. Or something.

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    Got the same, had over 99+ yesterday from that bot, made it all but impossible to find the real interesting ones :/

    And today, still lists 99+ but it was empty except that I found two under the comment tab in notifications.

    Think the api will need some time limit unfortunately.
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    it seems so.

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    @SortOfTested Oh damn. (didn't get the reference, but managed to Google it :p, worth a watch?)

    @Voxera I know there was some talk the other day about bots not being allowed in the first place. Hopefully that won't become a full stop...
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    @ScriptCoded hopefully not.

    Buts can be useful but they need restraint.

    And API’s need to be a bit restrictive, at least for new users.

    Like a ramp up period to prove your not ddosing by mistake ;)
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    @Voxera > Butts can be useful but they need restraint

    I know that @rutee07 would have something to say about that
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    Seems like notifications are slowly draining. I haven't used the [Clear] button and now I'm down to 80 out of 99+. Notifications slowly appear in the list and I'm able to click on them one-by-one. They appear at the rate of 1-2 per hour or so.

    It feels like MQ (or any other component in that branch) might be short on memory.
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    Is this the offender?
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    7.2k already.

    Looks like dR can be easily ddos'ed :)
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    @-assmaster (because search never frikkin works)
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