A lot of online games (mainstream) tend to make me kind of angry or stressed. Lots of either blatantly stupid or negative players kill the fun.

A few days ago I've startet to see videos about "Among Us". It's on a big hype right now and their machmaking servers must be glowing.
Well, this game is fucking awesome and it makes me really happy! 😊
Nothing beats a 30 minute game of lying, betrayal, teamwork and good old 30'000 IQ big-brain detective work.
I think it's a great execise for remembering stuff.
You remember colors, who's said what and who faked or did which task. And the hardest part is, even if you fucking saw the killer, you have to present the facts in a way that people believe you.
Each round is unique and full of riddles.

Yeah, I just wanted to say: Fucking great game 😄

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    "PonyPlaystation was not the impostor"
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    "Jilano was not the impostor"
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    I've long wanted to play those. So wish I had got a PlayStation instead of Xbox. Too many good exclusive titles for PS.

    I stopped playing a lot of online games because the people I tend to run into are kids who think it's cool to kill everything even if there isn't a good reason to. It's like this with Red Dead and GTA Online and especially Rust. Go get you own damn resources that I worked four fucking hours to get!

    A bunch of fucking wankers who have nothing better to do than grief other players until they rage quit. Fuck them and anyone who justifies this type of behavior.
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