How the heck can Twitter's algorithms for selecting "Who to follow" and "Trends" suggestions? I tweet exclusively (but rarely) about tech, but Twitter seems to think that loudmouthed SJWs would be the perfect people for a tech tweeter to follow.

FFS, intersectional gender studies from a class struggle perspective are not of the slightest interest to a techie.

Maybe Twitter just selects the most frequent tweeters in you area, regardless of content.

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    And here we see why people complain about the lack of interdisciplinary minds in tech, and reinforcement of the stereotype that all a techie can aspire to be is a code monkey. Conveniently, these are also class issues. ;)
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    @Charlaxy You have understood absolutely nothing in my rant.

    If Twitter had suggested a variety of personalities, like chefs, racing drivers, painters etc that would be a random element outside any "search bubbles". But it hasn't. It's all there in the original rant, had you bothered to comprehend it.

    Also, I don't find buying into pseudo science nonsense is the least bit interdisciplinary, whether it be Hahnemann or the Adorno/Marcuse nonsense referred to in my post. For an example or something that's interdisciplinary for real, check out the backgrounds of the original Mac team.
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    @Grumpy I think it's being implied that it might be good to follow other things that aren't tech is all (although i am not sure your suggestions are in any way good)
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