Human memory is fascinating. It’s interesting to think about the events that helped shape you into what you are. And how sometimes those events are exchanges with people who probably never gave the moment a second thought, but fundamentally changed how you relate to others.

For example: In ninth grade, I became friends with a group of seniors. Spent every lunch period together, auditioned and landed a part in a play to hang out with them. We never hung out over the weekends, but my dad had died two years before and I didn’t hang with anyone on weekends.

Then at the end of the school year, I’d actually got my mum to buy me a school yearbook and was super excited to have my friends sign it. But when I asked them to, one of them furrowed their brow and said, “Amy, we’re not really friends...”

And I haven’t trusted friendships since.

Anyway, for anyone who needs to read this right now:

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    If I’ll still be alive when you die, I’ll use all your drawings to make the AmyShackles bot. You give it a phrase and it posts a calligraphy in your style.
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    @uyouthe Convo with husband:
    “Why do I have to be DEAD first.”
    “That’s how long it would take to have training data.”
    “So they’re just assuming I’m not going to die soon?”
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    @AmyShackles To be honest, @uyouthe said "if you die before him". That's a big "IF" considering the life he's living :D
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    @Jilano what are you talking about? Please clarify
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    @uyouthe Unauthorized. Clarification unavailable.
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    @Jilano look at you, fronting around joking about pushing to production. You’re nothing.
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