Designer sends me mock up. I send out to client to review before we start to develop. (Mock up has lorem ipsum for paragraph text in one spot) A few minutes later client calls freaking out "Why is my whole site in Spanish, I don't speak Spanish!"

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    😂 I'm crying from laughter.
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    Funny 😅
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    Spanish does come from Latin. So he's not wrong.
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    But the whole thing wasn't in Latin, just one paragraph
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    I've always avoided the latin and instead make up real looking filler text because clients have no imagination
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    I'm spanish, the lorem ipsum is latin. Once a client told me just the same: "it's wrong, I don't know what it says, I cant read latin."
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    We also use often filler text, even some close enough phrases about the client's business, like "we make your dreams come true.". That particular one was in the first draft of one layout we provided for the client in my previous job years go and client said "I love that slogan, it's brilliant!". Some time ago we went to lunch and heard that company slogan in the radio, in exactly the same way we wrote it. Amazeballs. True story.
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