Fake or not I think all HR should learn to be straightforward by saying "I'm sorry you're not qualified" rather than telling people "We will get back to you"

600years from that time, it's unlikely they will get back to you.

save us the stress dickheads!

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    I agree with you.
    It's also a moral problem.

    "We will get back to you" and NOT getting back is nothing but lying. They are lying to you - plain and simple. And this represents their company. This represents their name. You'd like to work with them? cool! This is what the company is like - a pack of liers.

    "I am sorry but you were not a good fit" is a perfectly fine response. Whenever someone applies for a job he/she KNOWS this response might come. And, most likely, will come more than once. Meaning it is an expected response. And it's not as devastating as just lying to you and giving false hopes.
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    It's probably to avoid any possible physical repercussions from people that can't control themselves. Some have trouble taking "no" for an answer.
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    @Jilano yes, but why keep those people. I'm sorry for being harsh but who can't control themselves because of a no are going to be pretty hard to deal with anyways.

    Imo it's fucking rude and it's funny how it's treated as "it's better to not say no" NO YOU FUCKS IT'S NOT BETTER!
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    Yee, it's a dickmove.
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    @nitwhiz Definitely, I was merely trying to show a possible "why".

    @F1973 They wait in front of the building and run them over *shrugs*
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    Agree! If anything, it gives you some pointers that you can take back with yourself and see what might have been the issue.

    Instead if they DO get back to you, you always get some bullshit general email answer after they took like 3 weeks or more.
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    Hiring through HR is a massive time waste and holding pattern cycle for outsiders.

    “We are going to hire internal but should put a public posting because of the optics.” Then 1000 people spend an hour applying… That is 1000 hours of time dumped in the trash because someone in HR chooses to waste other people’s time on “optics”.
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    It's rude!

    It's on the exact same level of not greeting back if someone greets you.
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    @bedawang you're new I see. Post a rant when you got the time.
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    @Wisecrack maybe I will, shifting through the things I care the most, a lot of it qualifies to be ranted for
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