So I found a job that fit my stack perfectly
I phoned the CEO and we had a mini phone interview, it was easy
And the next day I had an offline interview
It was fast as fuck. I answered all of the questions, showed my projects and we were done in 30 mins, pretty good huh
So the CEO tells me to wait a week
It's strange but ok

The week passes, and you guess what
"We can't hire you, you psychological portrait does not fit in our team..."
I'm like bitch, what the fuck

I had declined other offer cuz I though there was no reason not to hire me

Also this is a small company tho, I should've saw it coming 😐

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    They found your devrant account?
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    @Linux hahahah hope they will find it now
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    I hate this trend. How dare you making assumptions about my psychological profile after a 30 minute call or a yearly "personal development"-meeting. That in fact shows that you little hr people didn't learn anything in your stupid psychology bachelors degree. People are very different and that's actually a good thing you could profit from. So get me a real independent psychoanalyst to talk to or let my psychology be my own private thing. This half-ass unscientific hr-bullshit only feels like some orwellian privacy invasion.
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    @notoriousmonk Hey, hey, why you gotta bring psychology bachelor degree holders into this? We didn’t do anything to you. HR is a totally different degree.
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    @AmyShackles sorry, didn't want to affront psychology degree holders. Most hr people I spoke to had a psychology degree. Probably because you can't do so much else here in germany with a bachelors degree in psychology. That's why I thought that was the normal career path, didn't even know there's an hr degree. Thanks for pointing out my bias. My point wasn't to degrade the degree, but the people who think psychology is as easy as that. I love psychology and think it's one of the most important thing to do in such crazy times, which is why get really annoyed when it's misused like that.
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    Yeah, sadly your wrong. It's like an educated guess. Obviously it's not 100% accurate, but if you have two sets of people, one once given a 30 minute psych evaluation and people not fitting were filtered out and the other set wasn't given that treatment, I bet the first set is closer to the kind of people you actually want to hire.

    Or in other words, they focus on minimizing false negatives, ignoring rising amounts of false positives. That's a good strategy as long as you have enough applicants. If there are only few applicants, this will cost the companies doing it.
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    The thing is that they're pretty small company
    They have no hr. It's just the CEO and the team

    Psychology was just an excuse to some bullshit they didn't wanna tell me
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    @TheCommoner282 even if this might work as a tool for finding the "right" people from an hr perspective, from my perspective it's a big no-no after talking to other devs about this. I canceled interviews in the past because: "on a professional level, everything fits and the team likes you, now we just need to do a psychological exam to evaluate whether you fit our company culture, because we only want people who are really positive." no thanks.. I'm depressed as fuck and try to make a living. I'm not trying to work for a cult I have to lie about myself to get in. So yeah in this case it worked for hr, I didn't fit their "culture", but I know that the team would really have liked working with me and I would have brought a lot of value to the company.
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    @AmyShackles Psudopsychology is a horrific hype among people with business-oriented degrees though.

    "If you arrive at a party, would you first try to find a beer, look for people you know, or join strangers on the dancefloor?"

    "I'd snort ketamine from a prostitute's navel"

    "Ah, so you are a Red-Square-Dolphin archetype, Obsidian variant. -- You should really not be a DB admin, tomorrow you start in statistics! Oh, and what's your favorite color?"

    "Eh, purple I guess"

    "Oh, too bad, that means you can never grow to be a team lead."

    Uh WTF HR, are we working in an office, or playing some obscure variant of D&D?
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    INTJ, 98% Machiavellian, 15-20% psychopathic. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I often lie on psych tests. It’s so obvious what they want to hear, and my personality would likely scare them if I were honest, so it’s in my best interest to — and theirs, too, as I’m a decent employee and a good dev. No sense letting their fears ruin the hiring process, as I’m not malevolent or anything.
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    @Root No wonder you're a Ruby dev, with that profile... Although I would have expected a higher psychopathy percentage.
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    @Root Just wanted to shed some light on personality trait indicators as I used to buy into this categorization as well... but the Meyers-Briggs classification has no scientific background. Look It up
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    @no-oxygen Whether that’s true or not has absolutely no bearing on if someone believes in them and acts upon them. That’s the thing with belief: factuality doesn’t matter.

    To be fair, however: very little philosophy and psychology does.
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    @Root of course, I just wanted to share my disappointment in the scale you are mentioning, in particular. I myself have always been into personality tests and such but this one really let me down.

    It's conceptualization is really cool thought. It was nice being an INFJ ahah 🙂
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    @no-oxygen You can be as disappointed as you like, but It works pretty well and people understand it, so who cares? 🙄 It does what it sets out to do, and does it well.
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