You know the cringe you feel from looking at the code you wrote a year ago? Yep. Me too.

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    rightAnswer 🤣🤣🤣
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    int thirty = ten + twenty;
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    Ahhhh what a nightmare. I have no room to talk. My early codes were very lacking in the comment department. Now I can't write a single line without writing at least 3times as much comment. I like to keep my comment/code ratio as high as possible when necessary.
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    @noshoesplease I've heard a lot of different opinions about commenting. Some claim the code should be so clear that it doesn't need comments, and others won't accept code without it. My short experience tells me it can never hurt the clearability of the code though..
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    I like the

    var ten = 10;

    Because it's easy to forget how much ten is 😅
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    @simeg Trust noone, expect nothing
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    @BoomeH My rule is to comment all functions to explain what they do. Everything else is selfdocumented from variablenames + types imo.
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    A year ago? I wrote code like this on Sunday writing my first Gulp plugin and trying to understand why it wasn't working 😄😄
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    @BoomeH made my day 😀
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    @spongessuck int ten = thirty - twenty;

    Just to be sure.
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    @dfox this could be fun topic for a weekly. "Post your most embarrassing shit you wrote" =D I know I have some for that category. I suspect we all have =D
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    My favourite is "hundered". A++, would lol again.
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    thirty == ten + twenty;
    ten == thirty - twenty;
    twenty == twenty = twenty;
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    int ten = 10;

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    Year ago? You mean a month ago?
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