Update - The 'devRant trans-oceanic 21st century message in a bottle' community project is progressing nicely.

There is terrific research being done by the team in a slack channel. It is a great fun learning experience.

We have taken the 2000 year old message in a bottle concept and are breaking new ground leveraging very cool technology. We are still in phase 1 but at a high level devRant's much coveted stress ball will cross the Atlantic Ocean in a bottle type encasing.

We will use satellite tracking and gps to track devie throughout the journey. We will use Arduino or a similar microprocessor. We may use sensors and gyros to monitor the surrounding environment for temperature and depth.
We are also studying ocean currents, shipping lanes, weather data and bottle materials to make the journey as smooth as possible.

This is an official devRant sponsored project. We encourage you and any dev friends to join the conversation. Below is a link to the original rant which has the Slack channel info.

The sun never sets on devRant and we love intriguing projects!


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