I don't know how some of y'all can code like 14 hours a day that shit is crazy

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    It's not always by choice.

    Sometimes you have real shitheads on your team that you have to go the extra mile to pick up their slack and make sure your projects get finished on time, because your managers sure don't give a flying fuck what the reason is that their expected deadlines are missed.
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    If it's a personal project the answer is: passion. If it's not a personal project then idk either
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    I can! It’s called mania.
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    Sounds like you’re over 25
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    @010001111 I'm 21 and couldn't do it without being forced to.
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    @T0D0 I don't do that and let deadlines fail instead. You know why? Because otherwise, that shit will go on forever, and I just won't do that. Managers only learn if pain arrives at their level.
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    @Stuxnet holy shit I thought you were like 50
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    @neeno lmao I've gotten that the entire time I've been here 🥴😂
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    @Stuxnet Oh, I thought you were like 18 or so 😅
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    13 is my limit.
    And it makes me angry every single time.
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    @Root since we were talking about @Stuxnet's age up there I thought you were talking about something age-related too. I was like "wait what? That's wrong... and illegal", then I re-read the rant XD
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    @neeno What the hell haha
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    I code about 3 hours, but spread over an 8 hours work day 😃
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    @Stuxnet Well at least he thought you were older than like 13-16 as Floydian thought 🤣
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    i don't understand it either. i can only do that occasionally, when high and working on an idea of my own which fascinates me at that moment.
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    I had 15 hour sessions a day without being forced to
    The beautiful moments when I was discovering Django
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    @Root ngl I went in the same direction as @neeno on that one lol

    "I went wait what the fuck?" Then remembered what this thread is about
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    @Frederick that's true 😂😂
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    Dunno, 90% of that time is thinking, writing code doesn't take that much time
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