To incentivise myself to get fit, I decided to do push-ups/sit-ups whilst my code compiles

All that happened though is I now spend a lot more time making sure my code compiles quickly 😅

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    Have you ordered a threadripper yet
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    @electrineer just waiting for the new ones to be announced 😎
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    You got one win at least :P
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    Show us the biceps!
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    I should do this again. I’m getting weak.

    At my previous job, we would all do push-ups every hour on the hour. It was a casino subsidiary, so we had ready access to (foam) dice, and would roll for how many we had to do.

    Having gone through marine basic, it’s laughable to drop for anything less than 40 push ups, and we were doing rand(6) or 5+rand(6), but hey! It was nice to see some PT again.

    I often increased my count by 25 or so.
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