Spam assassin kills most of the spam I get before I see it. It works pretty well. However, I started getting a fuck ton of spam from some asshole on a Turkey server. You cannot forward spam to the gov anymore so what to do (They use a honeypot. Apparently it doesn't catch everything.)? Well I got the abuse email account address for the server. Then I went into my servers spam filter for the email address I am having issues with. Then I redirect the email to this abuse email address. Then I delete it from the server. This makes it so my email client never sees the message and I automagically notify the abuse account. If the abuse account is owned by the spammer then he is just filling up his own server with shit.

Anybody else have fun or interesting ways with dealing with spam the regular filters don't catch?

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    Fighting spam with spam
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    How do you get spam?

    I am getting spam because my mail id is at lot of places due to my job hunt.

    Apart from that, I have unsubscribed and blocked a lot of crap and avoid giving email to anyone/anything not important.

    Google's spam filter works for me.
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    I generally don't get spam. There was just one asshole that is sending me shit. The spam assassin (on the server) was not catching it. I have been using this email address for onward of 10 years.

    Fun history. I signed up with HostGator to do web hosting years ago. Shortly after I started getting more spam than I have ever had. HostGator and their affiliates tried to extort money out of me saying websites that were not even online had been hacked. I later learned that HostGator and other brands owned by EIG are FUCKING RETARDED ASSHOLES that extort, sell email addresses to spammers, etc. So, my bad choice of a web host ended up increasing the amount of spam I get.

    Lesson learned: Do your homework on web hosts and make sure nothing you use is owned by EIG.
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    I have chased this asshole off about 7 or 8 ISPs now.
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