Why is NetworkManager in Ubuntu so buggy? I really hate it. Makes me even miss Windows. Desktop with random freezes and the super intelligent resolvd can't even resolve shit. So I can't connect to VPN to work, so I gotta reboot a damn Linux machine to make it work. Why this Linux Desktop decay? Why?

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    Yeah, when you write an infinite loop in your code, and have to restart the window manager to get out of it. Not impressed by Ubuntu either.
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    Update: Gnome can't even correctly send the reboot signal. Had to go to a tty, login and reboot from there. Seriously... what went wrong at some time?
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    You could try wicd
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    @SortOfTested actually I'm on the verge of ditching Ubuntu, I'm open to distro recommendations...
    I just want a stable Desktop.
    Maybe some stable Bluetooth audio too.
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    Fine by me, I've just long since given up telling people to ditch Ubuntu 😆

    Arch is always a good option, manjaro if you need turnkey. Also recommend trying a lighter weight window manager*. You could also give fedora a shot as it has pretty solid Lenovo support now.

    *Cinnamon, i3, xmonad, etc
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    @SortOfTested Thanks! I was a long time user of Gentoo so Arch seems nice nowadays. But I'll try those three recommendations you gave me.
    My hardware is a Lenovo so that's a Plus!
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    If your hardware doesn't play well with Ubuntu then it really really sucks.

    In those kind of cases I think Arch is better, just because you find more info in the Arch wiki and forums about dealing with specific hardware setups and it's easier to figure out what you have to do (esp. if you are a dev and used to cli) and the package management is a little better as well.

    Never miss Windows though!
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    so.. what is the problem? missing/dead routes? NICs down? Netfilter rules? Smth else...?
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    @netikras IMHO... Missing tests in some code... The kernel ring didn't spit nothing. But resolvd had a hard time starting.
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    @yamlbreakfast if it should be similar to Ubuntu you could try Mint. Or MX Linux if you don't need snap, very solid and lightweight.

    But in the end nothing beats Arch based stuff for me. Less bullshit and better documentation.
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    @yamlbreakfast Network manager in xubuntu and Fedora xfce works fine
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