If you’re a Russian ux engineer who is present in a Russian ux community and you fucking make your form validate on change event and that leads to the situation when a user starts entering their email and your bouba form immediately throws WRONG EMAIL errors, we don’t call you a bouba.

We call you a ебанок (ebanok) — a small, stupid and miserable creature that you can only feel hatred mixed with disgust towards.

This shit is acceptable if you’re an intern making their first shy steps creating their own personal project, but if you push this to production, you’re a ebanok. If you don’t know how to do ux, just use server-side validation or display errors with alerts on submit.

You fucking ebanok.

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    @SortOfTested *takes of glasses*
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    I was on a form recently that validated on change (I'M NOT FUCKING DONE TYPING THE PASSWORD THE FIRST TIME, NO SHIT THEY DON'T MATCH).

    But it wouldn't clear whatever error state it found until.... submit.

    So you had to hit submit on a form telling you it was wrong.

    I was out of evens.
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    I keep on seeing this word bouba. what the hell does it mean?
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    @Wisecrack search for Tom Scott's video on kiki vs bouba
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    @N00bPancakes or when you're still typing the password and the 'Confirm Password' field is already making a stink about "wrong password".
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    @neeno I know what kiki vs bouba is. but how does an amorphous blob relate to the use of bouba in this context?

    its being used as obvious slang, perhaps a pejorative, but what does the *slang* mean?
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    @Wisecrack based on uyouthe's past rants, I assume she uses bouba as a synonym for inferiority and kiki for superiority. If you read more of her rants you'll get the meaning.
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