I wanted to be able to physically start a home computer remotely.

- raspberry pi
- power relay to simulate the button
- a messenger chatbot linked to my account only

Now my local server is startable from anywhere

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    I would have used a rasp and some old CD player cervomotor to physically push the button. That's maybe not the best way though
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    @ostream no just having it short the button wires would do it, I think having an autopusher would be fun tho
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    Yeah, "buy a motherboard with WoL" is my solution...
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    My server is always on and in case of a power outage it just restarts. Now guess what my Shelly does when I can't reach it.
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    RiPi and WoL? Not as cool as a relay though.

    Could make a robot arm that physically presses the power button. That would be neat.
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    @kwilliams only if it can undock from a roomba-like docking station and climb up the side of the desk.
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    I've been using pikvm for about a year now, I'm also donating to the project:
    Also, you should really join the discord server

    (It's an IPKVM, so you can turn your computer on/off, see the screen, boot disk images, ...)
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    How do you reboot the raspberry pi when it hangs ?
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    @Nanos a second Raspberry Pi.
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    I wonder how many raspberry PI's you need for a reasonable chance of it working most of the time ?

    5 like the Space shuttle..

    I guess they would all need a different OS in case there was a common error at play..
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    @Nanos you grab it by the heartstring, look it dead in the eye and say: "My name is indigo Montoya, you killed my father - PREPARE TO DIE!".

    Or you know... just unplug and replug the power cord.
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    > just unplug and replug the power cord.

    That's the difficult bit to do remotely. :-)
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    I'm reminded of a 'remote computer' I have under the stairs here.

    The number of times I've had to physically go there to fix it..
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