There's been quite a commotion about Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation, and if you didn't think things could get any stranger, well, it is. Windows 10 Creators Edition will merge Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04. That's what you get for eating mushrooms.

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    Define merge?
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    @ChappIO full Ubuntu 16.04 support from within Win 10. Linux will essentially be a subsystem of Windows, which means dual-booting will not be necessary. It'll be WinLux, or LinWin, lol. This will be for developers initially, but I see a product coming down the road that will obliterate the differences between the two.
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    That sounds pretty cool. Build for Linux and support two platforms out of the box.
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    @bryceleo it makes for a sea change in the data centers of the future. It has the potential to eliminate the need for separate Windows and Linux servers in the Enterprise. Pretty cool.
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    Linux for the Win
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    @xinuxunil ah I see so the same thing that is already available in the developers preview?
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    @Haxk20 I actually got a full desktop environment working on it. All you're gonna need for it is a Windows x server like xming
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    Really? No one will say anything about this guy's clever joke?

    Made me lol!
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    @ChappIO I talked to a coworker about this at lunch, and it is indeed available. The article was dated today, but that may just a Web design flaw. :) I will be looking at it this weekend.
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    I rather have a linux that gets windows merged in. Running anything from windows in linux is preferred over running things from linux in windows
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    I was at Susecon a couple weeks ago. The Microsoft folks there got unmodified opensuse to run on Windows like the Ubuntu stuff.

    Very interesting.
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    Windows is still a piece of shit
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