I really want to go back home to my computer

what kind of torture is this?

I haven't touched a PC in weeks, almost a month.

I feel like I am experiencing withdrawal syndrome

what to do? 😪

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    I feel such vibe too.

    I miss my machine when I am away from it. Like constantly doing something on it even if I am not productive.

    That constant urge to keep everything organised in the system and be active with.

    Feels like I lost a part of me when I am away.
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    Y'all need rehab. I feel only liberated when I turn my PC off. I don't want to exist only as pixels.
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    I kind of envy this.

    I am so sick of computers. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing code, but right now I could take a three-month break before I’d start to miss it.
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    @Elyz that means you must like travelling and seeing new places?
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    @ilechuks73 I do. But mostly I like being out in nature
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    @Elyz what it there's nothing interesting or valuable outside?
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    @iiii there's always something interesting or valuable. Nature is beautiful.
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    @Elyz it is, but not interesting
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    @iiii you and I find different things interesting then :)
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    @Elyz that was obvious from the start
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