Our teacher recommends us to use the bright (blue) Visual Studio 2015 theme...
...dafuq man, you wanna fry my eyes?

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    I agree with you. I got a couple of colleagues that prefer and use visual studio with bright theme, i wonder how do they still have eyes
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    @Schurches They still have eyes? But they have glasses or something, right? Because otherwise they got eyes of steel...
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    @filthyranter they don't use glasses. Advantages of dark theme is that you can work in darkness (lol) and it won't fry your eyes since it's a friendly color for them. On the other hand if you try to do that with bright theme, your eyes will most likely fry and that's what makes me wonder how theirs haven't.
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    Probably because some people couldn't get MS Borland C/C++ on WinNT out of their mind.
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    @njmuggio I have no idea, that's something you'd have to ask him.
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