Hi dev community! As we aré in the Spooky Month I would Like ti know tour scary ir chilling experiences as a dev. For instance: delete the database without where, etc. Or weirda experiences being a Dev.

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    Just debugging someone else's code and devduck method failing. Yikes.
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    UPDATE table SET inStock = 1; WHERE id IN(123,321,456,789,736,738,.... several hundred more);

    Let's just say... stocktake was really accurate after that 😂
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    As a sysadmin:

    Ran "rm -rf /" but depended on the tab auto complete a little too much...
    The auto complete of course didn't complete anything and I pressed enter without realizing..

    Prod server with probably more than 1K sites/webshops.... etc.

    Pressed ctrl+c like my life depended on it and stopped the deletion, only a few non-important files got lost.

    Had my heart in my throat for about an hour 😅
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    @linuxxx I feel you!

    When you're too fast for your terminal! (And your own good)
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    @melezorus34 that's horrible D:
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    @C0D4 okay... Sounds Like something that I would do like a nightmare 😢😢😢
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    @linuxxx ouuuch 😭😭😭
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    Deleted everything from Dropbox BEFORE waiting for it to uninstall (it was taking too long), and seeing how all I had done in months started slowly disappearing... 5' before leaving the office.
    I could save it but dang, I was pale and shaking.
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    IDK, I guess I don't fuck up that much...

    As a sysadmin, I once accidentally rebooted a PROD LDAP server during working hours. I immediately informed the LDAP folks - they've confirmed the server came up just fine. That's the end of the story.

    Another time [as a dev] I've removed a set of users from PROD DB [intended], as they were only partially created (try to implement user creation using Liferay's SOAP API - you'll understand all the WHYs). Unfortunatelly, my query was a bit too broad and I've removed a few users too many.
    Good thing I had a backup of the USER_ table. Restored it, and.... nothing happened. Liferay was still fucked up. Had to restore the whole USER_ table from the ROLLBACK logs. Not a biggie when you know what to do. Quite a headache when you're a junior and have no idea what kind of magic ORA DB is. And have to deal with Liferay's shit on top of everything...

    I guess I'm too careful to make fuckups worth to remember :)
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    Why is October a spooky month?
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    Deleted a project that wasn't version controlled
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    @netikras perhaps Is because a tradition that Is about things that we don't Understand but happens and happens in special dates of other places
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    @netikras The Day Of The Dead
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