One of my classmates was working on a login form, and the fucker handtyped a 100+ character email validation regex but forgot to add a check to make sure no fields were blank.

It was funny when I was able to create an account with no username, breaking his website, and even funnier when I told him html forms have a built-in email pattern

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    Sounds like he needs some server side validation.
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    Client side validation is good for cosmetics, server side validation prevents such things occurring.
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    Sounds like they leaned a lot more about regex than I’ll ever know. But you can really only check for an @ and a .
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    Validation on both ends is necessary, on frontend for convenience and on backend for security.
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    @sheriffderek more like .+@.+ (if I'm not mistaken), so really just "anything@anything". I guess you could check for another @ somewhere but that's about it.
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