Just read a new joke ..

Why does python live on land ?
Because its above C- level lol .......

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    It's not new here
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    Just sent you a new udp joke, did you get it?
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    Go fuck yourself for the wrong tag and spamming my feed with garbage content.
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    @theabbie well there could be others reading the joke for the first time... or is it u r the only one in the community 😆😆
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    @F1973 oh bruh !!!
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    Hello @Surajv I’m sorry to inform you that we hate duplicate content. We care a lot about our Data. We like to have everything correctly tagged and categorized.

    After more than 3 years of development, our datasets are too large to curate manually, therefor, please take our notices seriously or else we will have to proceed viciously calling you out.

    Thanks ahead and enjoy our very serious about proper content management yet quite friendly and helpful community*.

    *Latter applies only if tagging right and creating unique content
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    @010001111 Sure!. Since I have just started using devrant I was still discovering the whole community. Thanks for the info 👍. I'll take care !
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    Look, there is a joke/meme button right in front of your stupid face when you post. How the fuck can you be a dev if you can't even do a dead simple multiple choice?!
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    Sorry for that pal. I'll take care & thanks for your info 👍
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    "New joke": this shit's older than fucking mammoths.
    "Rant" : you know it's a joke, you said it yourself, tho, when seeing the HUGE ASS BUTTON saying "joke" you were like "meh dunno, gonna click "Rant"

    Sorry not sorry for the sodium excess. And welcome I guess
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