To give you some context, in the past year we have change managers 3 times. Obviously our process (we were trying to follow agile) has suffer the most with all these changes since it seems the managers that have been assigned to us are not really IT people.

We are using TFS (I know...) for our builds and for our scrum and kanban boards, only use developers and QA are really using the board and all the benefits that it provides and the managers are oblivious to what TFS is. I have tried offering them training and workshops but they just don't want to learn.

And now they want us to keep the requirement information on word documents and Excel instead. I'm not sure I can continue my battle against Word/Excel...

I understand they are valuable tools but... Is it really difficult to use a tool that was made specifically for that and it's as easy as filling some text fields and click a button? Why is it so hard to understand that if you want to know the status of a task is as simple as following a link where you can find all the related information?

I think I'm loosing it, even the other developer on my team is in support of using Word... of course the guy doesn't know agile and his cards on the board are shit making him work with QA all the time....

Feel like I'm alone here....

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    Is anyone making these decisions "technical"?

    Sounds like not, to me that's just sort of a red flag as far as management structure goes.
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    Sounds like the perfect opportunity to abandon TFS for a less vendor lock-in tool. Since no one is using it anyways.
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    @N00bPancakes I agree but what is surprising is that my manager and my manager's manager are technical (allegedly).
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