What is the functionality that you have always wanted to have in a blog???

Need suggestions.

> Please, something that makes sense in a blog.

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    Does anyone even keep/read blogs nowadays?
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    @frogstair yeah.

    I mean, you have Medium for example. Its pretty famous.

    Writing is still a thing in order to learn or express yourself.
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    Fucking sidebar man, fucking sidebar to quickly navigate through your shit nobody want to read.

    Forget about medium, it's like example how to not do it.
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    A properly working search so I can get that one snippet of code I need and ignore all the other shit you have to say.
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    @Lexter you mean a sidebar to navigate through the whole page or inside a post to navigate through the content?
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    @010001111 well, I think that what someone has to say before the snippet it's important.

    Nevertheless, did you have any example of that search bar?
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    I had to do a small study during university about making articles more accessible on the web and one of the more noticeable observations was that people liked the interactive dictionary we added in the sidebar. It would show you a short description and some synonyms.

    For a more dev-oriented approach it could be applied to certain functions calls and/or libraries: hover/click on a certain function in a code block/text to see the brief descriptions you would find in their documentation. Also include the (external?) link to said documentation so people can immediately follow up.
    I think something like this could have _some_ benefit to readers that are learning to code or have to implement you code while being less experienced with the subject. Might save some search-time on the web trying to repurpose it to your own needs or finding the correct documentation.

    And yes, we also added a navigation to the sidebar of the upper-level headers in the article and that was widely appreciated ;)
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    @kristofersoler I mean simple static sidebar on the left or right presented in both list and detail where you have blog categories, search form and maybe sections of the post. Stupid simple (AND FUCKING WORKING) principle 100 years old nobody cares about these days.

    Now you see just stupid one column of posts, navigation nowhere to seen, big fuck empty space around it, fullscreen images nobody like and soo. Man, it is a blog, do it like a blog.
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    @NEMESISprj many thanks dude!
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    @Lexter I'll keep it in mind.

    Many thanks!
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    @kristofersoler btw, are you trying to create your own blogging format or something?
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    @NEMESISprj I have my own blog and I coding some features I have in mind but wanted some extra for keep working on it and develop a great blog.

    Not all the suggestions will finally reach the blog, but sometimes having an external ideas helps to create new things. And sometimes that things are really interesting.

    Am not trying to create any format like "Hey, make blogs like this." Don't think there is kind of thing. Just trying to make my way to what I think its a good blog.
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    @kristofersoler ahh okay, sounds good! And yeah, it's always a good idea to get some perspective from others. Well, good luck with your blog!
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    I think the most important thing is the conversion of your blog. Add necessary SEO perks such as thumbnail image and summary for each blog post, so if they get shared somewhere, it's designed for audience you search from social networks/chats.
    As someone said, naked text and nothing more on sides is somewhat annoying, but that really depends. Personally, I prefer websites that have this content-first design (Medium). Maybe show previews to related articles based on the text in viewport and glossary (good idea from @NEMESISprj).
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    @vintprox yeah relevant posts is also a good point. Maybe show one or two paragraphs that include related terms/tags as some sort of tiled overview of posts. Having some content will be more informative than only titles at least...
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    Permalinks, categories and a plain list of articles.
    A lot of blogs are basically graves for whatever is put into them because users can't find the old stuff or links rot away.
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    Without the endless politics policing and soul-crushing stupidity.
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    @Root I never had Tumblr so I don't know. xD
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    Probably cross-text references, citation managers and a bibliography, image captions, footnotes and so on

    I basically want a markdown-ish way to make small "scientific documents" and put them onto a website

    Also the sidebar to navigate through sections like @Lexter mentioned sounds really good
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