Juniors nowadays are so lazy.

J: How to do X?
M: Did you try google this?
J: No I thought you will give me a solution

Thanks God there will be no competition for me in the future...

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    I have no worry for your junior. He will find some framework for his X+Y task.
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    Just people nowadays tbh...
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    You’re answering wrong. It should be: “Get off of my nuts, figure it out yourself, I don’t know either for fuck sake”
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    @010001111 like my father says: RTFM. It's sad that a lot of people don't even try to search for an answer themselves first. Hell, I sometimes try the stackoverflow approach because I'm tired of certain questions: first ask whether they have already read the documentation/read on forums about it, only then look into it.
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    You could answer them with partial answer.

    Something like "You could solve the problem with X technology." but don't tell them how to use X technology to actually solve it.
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    I always welcome "design/architectural problem" so we can hold the proper discussing and not just me telling him what to do.

    Those kind of problem can only be solved by the insights you got from experiences/failures.

    Although there are tutorials explaining about design pattern and what not , you got to have experience to recognize problem pattern and know which one to apply to it.
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    I'd really like to think that the question in this case is "what's the best approach for our case" or "why this approach in particular", otherwise it's pretty ignorant.
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    I'm seeing this too.

    @mr-user that only works if there is something new to bring up, where discussion is wanted.

    If it's about solving a specific problem with a specific framework/tool/environment, then there is nothing left but "dude could you try this new thing called google first?".

    I mean if you ask me once or twice that's fine but how can you not be interested in solving shit yourself.
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    I was thinking the question like

    "There are multiple way to solve the problem.Why did the company decided to use X framework?"

    You may have the discussion like "Due to A,B,C reason the company decided to use X framework" or it may even be "I don't know. They force me to use it due to some shit office politic."
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    @NEMESISprj Basically yea...
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    This could also mean he considers you to be smart
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    @theabbie Probably also a low-effort source of answers.
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    I will never understand why people are so lazy and useless.
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    If anyone ever asks "how to do..." I assume they will have as much patience for the answer as they had for learning grammar.
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    I really question the authenticity of a programmer when they fail to seek for a solution for themselves first.
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    More forgivable if asked for a hint but nah “can you give me answer and do my job? Google is hard”
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    This could be laziness or it could be trying to get a second opinion from someone with more experience. I know for a fucking fact if there were senior devs around I'd see if they've had to do anything similar before making a final decision... their method may be better than JS Framework #9279373922.
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