Why do big companies hire such loser engineers ??? I mean what the hell man. When you are hiring a fresher to code they should at least know how to apply/write a for loop. I once had a colleague who assigned each array element individually instead of writing a for loop and asked me why I refused to approve his stupid code. What do I reply to this ? It was so dumb, I could not articulate an answer.

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    I ask the same question
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    I have a feeling, that some day, people who are fluent in functional programming will feel the same about those who do more generic or imperative programming.
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    @Demolishun as if functional is superior. try again.
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    @iiii lol, I am in the "what the functional" camp, try again, lol. I am more generic programmer.
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    @Demolishun Love for func progs
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    It's pretty sad when you consider the folks looking for jobs out there...

    I'm sure big companies think of these folks as inexpensive but not sure what the ramp up time to ... any productivity is with someone like you describe.

    I once worked for a company and one of our big customers was this collection of absolute morons. They'd call up support and demand bugs be fixed and we'd find they didn't configure anything.

    They literally physically install equipment and try to use support as a sort of "do my job for me" service to just set it up. When we'd ask them basic questions they knew jack shit.

    After the company I worked at was acquired I was curious and I applied for a job working for this customer, I got a very nice rejection letter that I wasn't qualified.
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    Most companies look for mindless drones who will work for shit wages. You can't expect real talent from any of them. Exceptions are rare in the corporate world.
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    Indian firms are about maximizing the bill, not the quality. Why would they pay someone a good wage when they can hire a complete muppet and make you work twice as hard to compensate?

    The better question is, why do you kill yourself to prop up their fuckery? The answer is because there's a million people standing in the street who will do it if you won't.
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    It's a cost thing. I had to explain to someone what a type was yesterday and his response was "sorry I'm a Java programmer so I'm new to all this C# terminology"

    .... But Java also... You know what. Nevermind. Just type exactly what I'm telling you.

    I also had a boss that kept trying to cast an interface to an instance of a class... Supposedly had 10 years of .Net experience. But turns out despite being my boss we made basically the same amount despite me not having any managerial duties at that job. You get what you pay for usually.
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    It sounds like they got what they paid for 50% of the time. >_<
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    Multiple reasons:
    1. Mass hiring drive - there investment will grew if they will have a proper interview. That's why it's a very simple process. It is very difficult for them to have interview process like startup or mid level companies.
    2. Security - such candidate have less chance of leaving the company as they are not very bright.
    3. out of college, almost all students are same in their eye and then they have to provide t training either way.
    4. These company work more in quantity basis. They need one good developer/ architect per project.
    5. They get contracts mostly after showing how much resources they have.

    If you will think, they are just doing business. As long as there are projects for them, they will have such hiring process.

    But also, they don't follow similar approach while hiring experienced devs.
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    I once had a colleague who was good in writing spaghetti code....guess what , he got paid more than me just because I kiss my code...I left the chicken yard because of it...too many programmers but very few good ones.
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    @ChaoticGoods that's priceless
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