Is it ok to be a web developer or web designer but not good in math? Thanks for the Help..

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    Math? Web development?
    There’s none.

    If you can do 2*3 you’re overqualified.
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    Math as in calculus or basic math? Not knowing calculus is not considered to be bad in math. Web development uses negligible math.
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    I suck at math.

    I think that math is not a hard requirement for programming.

    Many times I found out that it's the other way round. Programming taught me math.
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    As @Root said for web you probably don't need any.
    Logic and basic math can be helpful, especially for lower level stuff and if you want to understand how a computer works. Understanding vectors is essential for free-form graphics, but you'll mostly use some framework which doesn't need much more than + and -.

    Serious Maths (think Engineering level Analysis and Linear Algebra in University) are only necessary in some specialty fields (e.g. cryptography, research).

    So: It depends, but for 95% in web you'll get along just fine knowing the difference between plus and minus.
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    Depends on your project, quite often you won't use maths at all as a web dev.
    I worked on a few projects where a good level was necessary tho
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    @Root I agree in front-end, they only need to know how to order Chai Lattes in Starbrucks 😄
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    @PonySlaystation Don’t knock the Pumpkin Chai!

    It’s the only decent thing to have ever come out of a Starbucks, except maybe a few of the baristas. 😇
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