I will rather have you shit on my face than show me empathy.
please keep your pity to yourself and hit me, i can take it !!

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    I don't know what happened in your life before this point (not judging), but empathy does not means pity. Some people can't really turn it off and don't mean any harm, on the contrary.

    Anyways hope things will improve
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    I can totally relate and see how this affects you. Sometimes I feel the same way.
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    @Jilano problem is they just do it because they have to and it’s trendy to show empathy it doesn’t come from people’s heart
    All i am saying is follow your heart, if you wanna punch then fucking “send it”, it’s makes you more human than showing empathy
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    @hardfault how do you know that is the case? Idk how empathic you are, but others might be much more emphatic than you.

    Also, no it's much more trendy to shit on people lmao
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    @hardfault That's a cultural thing. A good example is seeing how Americans usually seems more friendly when it's often (except in the South) a facade, as opposed to "cold" Western Europeans that just aren't in that sort of thing. In addition, the issue you described has more to do with the person being a cunt than empathy itself.

    (See also what @kescherRant said)
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    @hardfault it's part of my job. I fucking get paid for it.

    Anyway... Please lie down...

    *Drops pant*
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