hey everyone,

how do you know if your boss really cares about you on your performance review or if he just wants to follow the trend?

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    If he does, he'll give your feedback for your growth.

    If he doesn't, he'll give feedback for company's growth.
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    @F1973 hmmmm, that makes sense, I can relate some experiences with that. Thanks.
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    Do you only gets comments like you didn't do that, you failed to impress, or if your efforts were mere average, then the boss is trying to convince you don't deserve a Hike/Promotion

    If they instead give you constructive feedback like we expect you to do this/that to get to next level, we were impressed by your hardwork and commitment and here is how you could make it better, we saw a few gaps and this is how you could.fill them up, we have been monitoring your contributions and you'll soon get some news, then they do care about you

    It is all about personal interest and humanity
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    He wants to gaslight you into working more for free and not asking for a promotion anytime soon. Performance reviews are often bullshit because the proper feedback is usually delivered right when it’s needed, in small portions
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    @uyouthe I think that is what I'm afraid of. They sent me a form to fill up with very general questions about my personal development, but I see this as very private and personal and I don't want to share this unless I'm sure that they are really up to help me and that I can trust them. However, I do have some one to ones every other week though.
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    If he starts spouting corporate BS, then chances are he's just a cog in the machine and doesn't really care.
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    @uyouthe yeah, our reviews mostly consist of my manager starting with asking how I'm feeling and really milking me for if there's anything, ANYTHING, that they could improve to make me feel more comfortable, and then we talk about what's coming, what I want, and a little bit about what they would like to see during the next year from me. We only gloss over the mandatory performance review bits, because they don't really care about that bs, they care how we (their subs) are doing. That's how you definitely know your manager cares about you, not just the $$
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    I've never had a performance review... 😅
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