Do full stack developers learn or push new skills.

Badum tss..

Why am I wasting my life being a full stack developer, right?

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    From my perspective programming language doesn’t matter, it’s just another tool for processes optimization. You can even write your code on paper and send fax to company and get paid.
    Computers worked the same like 60 years ago, right ?
    I mean memory, cpu etc. ( if you don’t work with quantum computers ).
    We only changed processing power and size.

    The real value is domain knowledge so to understand why certain things are happening.
    If you don’t understand why this shit require computer it’s often that your software will make certain process to take longer then before.
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    Your jokes need to be feta.
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    @Root feta cheese good?
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    @C0D4 More than my jokes? hell yeah!
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    uh . . . why don't I get it?
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    @EDragon stack...push..uh..uh XD
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