Just discovered the 3 cartoons on youtube from Dev rant and really enjoyed them. Quite funny. What I dont like is there are only 3 and they were so short. Looks like they were made a few years ago. Why did you stop making them? Please make more!

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    ep0 made me laugh so hard !
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    @penless @penless they were quite funny hence the post and disappointment that they stopped making them. I feel like they had something there. They should keep it up.
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    I think I remember @trogus said something about the cartoons being too much time-consuming to make.
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    Glad you enjoyed them! They were fun to make, but a ton of work, espesically getting the lip syncing and facial expressions right were quite tedious. I've been keeping an eye out for deepfake style facial mapping for cartoons, maybe some day they'll be back.
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