It saddens me to see there are developers who are driven by high pay over interest and passion for programming.

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    If you're interested, you can work for me and I'll pay you by being extremely passionate about yor work :) And, to make it more lucrative, I'll let you be passionate about it as well. :)

    With time you'll realize that bills are paid with money :)

    All jokes aside - my offer about the job stands.
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    @WerewolfCustoms I agree that it pays the bill. My rant towards developers who prioritizes money although they have pretty handsome salary.

    Regarding the offer, I'd have to see what's the job about :)
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    I know mate, I'm joking. I'm working for a shoddy salary but the people I work with are awesome.

    In free time I work on a game and on freeware game modding tools. :)
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    This reminds me of some guy's rant recently on a certain high profile open source project. Charges $250/HR for consulting and complains he doesn't get paid to maintain the project. Motherfucker, that project is the sole reason you can charge $250/HR.
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    A key skill in life is to know your value and to know how to sell it. If the guy knows he is worth more, or if he knows to sell his time for more, who are we to say he shouldn't? Should he work for 25$ per hour so people who can't sell their skills feel better about themselves?
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    @WerewolfCustoms I'm not complaining that they person is charging $250/hr. I actually applaud that. The issue I have is that he created a very popular open source project, which has put him in the situation where he can charge that. Then proceeds to complain to the community that when he's maintaining the project, he can't bill those hours, and that they need to figure out a way to compensate him to maintain the project. When you charge $250/hr, and companies are willing to pay that, those companies are in essence supporting the project and the maintainer shouldn't have an issue allocating 5-8 hours a week maintaining the project.
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