I'm using Ubuntu since 5 years. I need to change. Which Linux distros for developers would you recommended to me ?

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    I enjoy Manjaro since it is Arch but easier to install. Love the AUR. Also heard good things about SUSE. :)
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    Debian would be easy as you'd stay with the same packet manager 'n stuff.
    There are so many flavors. Let a lone with Ubuntu. Depends on what you're in for. Need more flashy graphics or prefer more lightweight, bare stuff (like lubuntu/kubuntu)? In the former case could have a look at Fedora or Suse for instance
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    I went Fedora a few months ago and haven't looked back. I'm on 24, but I read that 25 uses Wayland as default. Packages tend to be really up to date, too...

    Also, a fellow Linux user in my boot camp messaged me on Slack about SemiCode OS. Its focus is on providing a complete tool set for programmers.
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    Pure arch if you don't mind setting it up, otherwise Manjaro Linux
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    @rooksoto Just looked at their os, looks really nice! What's it based on though? (Debian, fedora etc)
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    btw forgot to mention Solous OS. It's relatively new OS but is a pretty cool one.
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    @linuxxx SemiCode OS is based on Ubuntu.
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    Thank you all for your comments.
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