Bad English aside I am so sick of incompetent customer service reps. Holy shit it's like they will hire anyone these days.

Here just read from this script and not the code version. That's all the tech you need to know right here on this single piece of paper.

Fucking incompetent bastards need to go work at a non technical job like Burger King because tech support is beyond them.

They'd probably fuck that up to. That's a completely different rant, those who can't even do fast food jobs right. At that point just go get on disability because your fucked.

To be fair I will occasionally get someone in the tech support sector who knows their shit but it's few and far between and its always a welcome surprise.

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    This is a very valid rant and I agree to this.

    However, my observation is that this depends on the company and how they train.

    My country is a shit hole where people can barely speak in their mother tongue.

    But companies like Citi, American Express, and Amazon have phenomenal customer service agents.

    Not only they speak amazing English but have good judgement, more decision making authority, and access to knowledge they need to serve customers.

    The interaction is always sooo frictionless that they solve all my problems like a human instead of repeating those same robotic statements.
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    Not to mention 1 of 22 possible languages as that mother tongue.
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    @F1973 I can't say I've had the same experience as you regarding Amazon customer support. In general it's been bad for me. Also I have a very hard time understanding India English for some reason. It's like my brain tries to reject or something.

    The CS agent I was referring to was from the Mimo Coding app. There support was not far from is your phone turned on.

    I contact them about a bug and instead of asking any technical info like hey what were you doing when you had this issue. It was uninstall and reinstall and oh are you using the right account.

    As if I would pay for 2 account for their shit service. I really only use them because a year ago almost I signed up for a year service to learn some basics of a couple languages.

    I won't be re-subbing that is for sure. Plus I'm kinda past what they can teach now. It was really just something to do before bed or on the shitter after awhile.
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    @SortOfTested those are some rookie numbers...

    @stub some are just soo incompetent of doing things that they only care about pay checks and not their skills or own personal growth/performance.

    Most work mechanically and reason why some climb the career ladder faster is not because they are skilled but others around them are pretty dumb.
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    Take it up with modi 😋 you only list 22 nationally


    Rumor has it it'll go down to 1 soon though.
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    @F1973 I never understood why people stay at jobs just to collect a check. I've quit anywhere I wasn't happy at or wasn't treated with respect. Life's too short to deal with the BS of a job you hate. I'm an odd one though.
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    @SortOfTested we had many, we are reducing languages and people who don't agree with us at an alarming rate.

    #AllHailModi #ModiIsGod #ModiDickSucking
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    @stub because they are not skilled to do any other job.
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    Some of us are following it. Hope the broader culture sees the other side of it all.
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    @SortOfTested there's only one side, the saffron side. Everything else is just an illusion.
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    Before getting into the dev world I worked as a customer service and tech support for years.

    The average tenure is about 3 months so chances are you are dealing with someone that has weeks in the job and just want to get enough money to buy a new phone and be done with it.

    Even if you know from the start what the problem may be you still have to follow all the line of questions because if not QA will give you a bad note.

    Management doesn't care about solving issues, the important thing is to end the interaction within 7 min doesn't matter how, they don't want to know.

    People will disconnect you on purpose or tell you they did something and to callback in 30 min if you still having issues.

    The hard working people that took pride on solving issues were punished because the metrics of the guy that disconnected your call or upgraded your plan without telling you had better time and sale metrics.

    And I could go on and on...
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    @mcfly and that's where companies like McKinneys comes into the picture.

    "wE wIlL iMpRoVe yOuR pRoCeSsEs"
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    I have not worked in phone support but I frequently talk to people that do. In my opinion the whole setup is broken. A lot of the callers are very confused, they lack the most basic insights needed and quite a few are incredibly rude. And helping someone over the phone is just incredibly difficult even in the best case. I would not last a day in that role.
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    "I never understood why people stay at jobs just to collect a check. I've quit anywhere I wasn't happy at or wasn't treated with respect. Life's too short to deal with the BS of a job you hate. I'm an odd one though."

    Yeah, not everyone gets that choice.
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    Just reminds me of my old isp, everytime I called them it sounded like their customer service guy was about to jump from a building or they would just be completely unwilling to listen to you and try to feed you their standard info they already forced you to listen to before patching you through.
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    @Angry uh yeah they do. They choose to stay and they can choose to leave just as easy. A check is just an excuse to stay at a shit job. I hear this excuse from time to time. And I ain't buying it. I got kids I got responsibility.

    Sure that may be true but isn't it your responsibility to better yourself and to dig your way to a better existence for you and if you have loved ones. I'm not trying to be rude. Just Frank. Take it as you will good sir.
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    @matt-jd I put so-called IT /CS agents though the ringer. I'm not easy on them. I probably should be. Who knows. Maybe I've caused a suicide. I certainly hope not. Might have to change my tone. I honestly hadn't thought of it this way.

    But yeah. I recall working for Cingular Wireless for about a week before I was fired because they didn't like my criminal background. The lack of training I got though was astounding.
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    @stub odd, we relied on basically ex-cons and students.
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    @mcfly is that meant to be offensive cuz I did my time and paid my dues and am now a productive member of society and have been for over decade. I haven't so much a gotten a traffic infraction.
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    @stub Not at all, what I’m trying to say is that it seems odd to me that you got rejected because of your criminal record because It wasn’t an impediment to employment in the customer service / tech support call centers that I’ve worked for, mobile carriers included.
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    @mcfly I understand what you mean now. Sorry. Yeah I think because it was a burglary charge and I was dealing with customer info it spooked them.

    What actually happened is 3 friends and I stole two golf cart (sober) and played bumper cars and ran them into the nearest pond. Those damn things are expensive to replace when your only 19.

    Dumb kid stuff. Has followed me all my life until recently when I got it expunged off my record.
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    Last time I dealt with customer support it was GitHub and the dude was phenomenal. Plenty of shit support out there but props to the companies and people that actually try.
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