when you cant be arsed to do icons so you just use emojis for button icons.

btn.textContent = "🗑️"

because icon sets now have their own apis (like what ever happened to icon fonts?), and documents explaining what scripts and commands to run to *install fucking plugins* on software written to *supplement* doc servers. plugins and software whos host site returns an SSL error. nice.

to use web icons. downloaded only on request. from other sites.

seems kind of eh, tower-of-baylon to me. like a bird landing on the electrical lines near your house might cause a blip and break one or two icons on your slick 2020 web app.

idk just seems unnecessary, like if you're small, your gonna want to embed your fonts on the webpage instead of overcooking things and hosting *a fucking server* just to serve an api for fucking *icons*. and if you're large you're gonna reduce those requests anyway

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    Reminds me of the time fontawesome crashed and our icons disappeared
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    @alexbrooklyn holyshit did that actually happen? thats fucking terrible and hilarious at the same time.
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    Wtf are you doing there

    btw icon fonts can’t be properly styled
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    Font awesome us a thing though
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    @010001111 I've never had an issue with material icon font.
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    I also always use emojis as icons in my hobby projects.
    Which products are you referring to though with these icon API:s?

    (Haven’t seen any myself, but I haven’t gone looking for new icon sets in years)
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    @AlgoRythm It’s gonna be a problem if you want to animate or add more than one color to it

    Inline svgs da wayyy
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    @010001111 never wanted to do either of those things for an icon, really.
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    @AlgoRythm Me neither.

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    @010001111 thats a section for creating buttons on items in a list at application startup (nwjs), deserialized from json.
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    A long time ago, before using fonts as icon sheets, icon sheets where a thing. In theory, they should still work fine.

    Also, host the shit your site needs to work on your servers. Don't feed any third-party servers your visitors' data - especially if you don't even get paid for it...
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    @alexbrooklyn that's why it's stupid to link remote resources instead of hosting them on your own along with the site.

    especially when it's a few kilobyte font or script.
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