I miss reading Dev related books while relaxing at the same time

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    IDC about the book. Just give me silence
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    The hell??? Amazing!
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    You bitch, knew this was you.
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    Agreed wholeheartedly.
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    Thank you. You have added a measure of proportion to my day. I have been experiencing motion sickness for hours, yet I am not in a moving vehicle. It's begun taking up more of my subconcious mind, and was determined to make me a miserable oik in less than 90 seconds.

    Then I saw your post. It all went away.

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    I thought that book was some women’s head O.O
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    Wait, there's a book in the picture?
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    @bashleigh Glad I'm not the only one 😅
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    @bashleigh seriously my first thought
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    To all who thought it was a blowjob, it's the creative brain working seeing the patterns. Don't worry it doesn't gauge your perversion even if you start putting animation in your head, in which case you're just extra creative.
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    @iamai you mean like this one? Lobotomy or flash from men in black?
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    @Devnergy what comes to mind from your picture are
    "What's the consequence she got?...the dark color on her skin?
    "Is it supposed to be bruise?"
    "How? Where?"
    "It looks more like a heart birthmark"
    "Is she inside a toilet?"
    Any case nothing to unsee or unthink there so the flash from men in black seems unnecessary so maybe we can choose Lobotomy? It seems more interesting...might be painful...but feeling something is closer to being alive? Lobotomy...final answer.
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    @iamai but at first glance, I thought she was showing her left.... Shoulder with a pinkish round.... Bruise 😂
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