OK< been a long time user of Unity.

Tried the latest update as I and others were enthusiastic about creating a joint project of gamers and developers.

As I was building up a started website and we were getting things with Unity ready...BOOM,. They Fuck up the installs.

Not just a minor thing here or there but not finding its own Fucking file locations where it installs shit. You try and say, Hey Unity you fucking twat, install here in this folder.

Boom again, it installs part of it there, and then continues installing shit everywhere else it wants to. Then the assholes at Unity give this Bullshit claim "the bug has been fixed."

Just reinstall.

Fuck you, its never that simple, You have to delete all sorts of fucking files to make sure conflicts from a previous corruption isn't just loaded on top of so it does not fuck up later.

So we did all that from programs, program data, program(x86), AppData Local, Local Low, and Roaming.

For added measure we manually removed all the crap from the registry folders (that was a pain but necessary), and then ran a cleaner to make sure all the left over shit was gone.

Thinking, OK you shit tech MoFo's we are clean and here we go.

HOLY SHIT BALLS, Its fucking worse with the LTS version it recommends and Slow as Fuck with their most recent version which is like 2020 itself, and insane piece of fucking bloated garbage and slower than a brick hard shit without fruit.

So we were going to all go post on the forums, and complain the fix section isn't fixed for shit.

Fuck us running backwards naked through a field of razor grass. Its so overloaded with complaints that they shut down further posts.

What makes this shit worse is we cannot even get the previous fucking versions of the editor before all this to work where our only option is without using the fucking Hub demand is just install 2018.

great if we started coding and testing in that. We cannot get shit where we were at back on track because you cannot fucking backward load an exported saved asset file.

Unity's suggestion? Start over.

Our Suggestion? Stop fucking smoking or using whatever fucking drug you assholes are on, you fucking disabled the gear options so we can resolve shit ourselves, and admit you did that shit and other sneaky piece of shit back stabby, security vulnerable data leak bullshit things to your end users.

Listen to your fucking experienced and long time users and get rid of the Fucking backward stepped hub piece of shit everyone with more brains than whatever piss ant pieces of shit praised that the rest of us have hated from day fucking one!

And while fixing this shit like it should be fucking fixed if you shit head bastards want to continue to exist as a fucking company, overhaul the fucking website or get the fuck out of business with now completely worthless SHIT.

Suffice it to say....

We are now considering dealing with the learning curve and post pone our project going with unreal just because of these all around complete fuck ups that herald back to shit games of versions 3.0 and earlier.

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    ue4 is da wae, but if you are thinking of using c++ be prepared for slow af compilation times (with ssd) and a bunch of editor crashes (c++ runtime exceptions just crash the entire editor). If you'd prefer a scripting language instead of bp take a look at skookumscript, I never used it but it seems cool.
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    I really like unity sorry to hear that you're leaving

    unreal is decent but I really hate the idea of the blueprints. not sure why but they make me feel weird and the c++ is really slow

    anyway good luck
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    I got so fed up with Unity I went to the Godot Engine and began learning Python. They are pretty decent for 2d. 3d could improve but isn't terrible.

    Spoke to the owner on twitter the other day. He very passionate about his work. They are getting a plug-in ready for python so you don't have to use GDscript.

    He said it may be a little while before they implement because they want to make sure it's right. That's good because I can't stand how Unity uses it's users as QA. Also it supports C# for those interested coming from Unity.

    Right now though fuck unity and there buggy updates and the external launcher.
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    @neeno c++ is a pain but it's my favorite because Ultima Online was coded in it. In my opinion the best game ever made until EA ran it in the ground with their bullshit dlc and pay store. After T2A it started to become shit. If you can't go get the rare items like the rest of us veterans than you don't need them. Pay stores piss me off.
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    @stub I wanna try out godot one of these days, it looks very cool, but right now I just can't do anything related to game dev, it requires a certain amount of patience I don't have at the moment.
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    @neeno shit I wish I could plus 100 your comment. Game Dev can be insanely taxing. But ya download it sometime and play around. Don't try to be serious or build anything important. Just for fun ya know.
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    @Nanos I've never heard of that engine till now but have heard of lua before. What made you decide to go that route from Godot?

    I'll probably have to check it out. Love trying out new engines. I'm such a nerd for that kinda stuff.
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    @Nanos if you're going with love and lua, give moonscript a try. Saw significant increase in productivity with it over lua. supports proper classes, methods, mixins, the works. compiles to lua.
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