Happens to me everytime.

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    Um wut?
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    Don't use Notepad For Writing Code
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    When you commit, but don't push, and reboot.... fuck you git! " index is corrupt" my ass, you were fine a few minutes ago 💀 🔫
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    You shoot yourself every time you write 500 lines?
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    That's some amazing blood artwork
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    Try to reduce boilerplate, hence you`ll loose less
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    @Root yeah maybe in the foot so that he can survive after that
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    I genuinely don’t understand how y’all don’t use auto save
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    Sounds counterproductive
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    Or you CTR+zzzzzzzzz to copy a code in history and then you try to redo but accidentally pressed y before CTR. 😑🔫
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    And when you've to explain this to your manager-
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