Recently attended a final stage interview. So far probably spent 60% of the time discussing my previous roles/experience - (sigh) Then along comes the "Core Java" questions. FINALLY!! My chance to really shine.

Q: How do you make an object a singleton?

I give my answer, thinking this is the ice breaker question and ready for the next question...

Nope, thats it! Apart from the automated tech test in the previous round, my entire tech ability is measured by whether I can memorise a design pattern!

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    Would kind of worry me as to the job experience with a bar that low. Papers paper.
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    @SortOfTested was for an experienced to senior dev believe it or not. Think they really wanted an Angular dev, but again no questions on that apart from how Ive used it in the past :/
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    Sounds like you'll be working under someone who doesn't know their way around the stack.
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    What's a Java? (TM)
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    @molaram that thing you write once and it runs everywhere... Right? Can I have a job now?
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    That's also a *terrible* question. There's a whole bunch of ways, no singular "best" way, and it says absolutely nothing about your knowledge or experience.
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    shitty pattern for most solutions, strange interview question. I don't botherb with that shit and neither should you. You ask me? I think you dodged a bullet. You'll be aight troop!
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    I would’ve failed that question. Yikes! That implies I can’t code! My intellectual inferior brain cannot withstand the complexity of programming and I’m doomed to a life of shoveling poop
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    "How do you make a java object a singleton?"

    "I make it into the java portion of this interview."
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