To put a tiny mechanical switch on the side of my phone that’ll turn of the Do Not Disturb mode. No, not buttons. Standard momentary buttons don’t have a persistent state. I need the state to be persistent even when the phone itself is turned off.

How hard can it be?

Too bad literally every android smartphone since the very first one has that switch, it’s like one of android’s iconic features, and crapple still can’t manage to do this. Clearly they cut on prices, I mean switch is more complicated than a momentary button.

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    What switch are you talking about? Never seen this.
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    I'm confused, I thought apple had that switch and android phones generally don't...
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    Turns iPhone to the right,
    I see a toggle... that mutes my phone.... and remains constant.

    Is this some iPhone 12 joke I'm to much of a peasant to understand?

    Nope, even this iPhone 12 has this!
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    Pretty sure mine has it. Ring, vibrate, and silent.
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    oneplus 7 pro(guacamole) has one.
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    Devrant can’t into irony
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    Poe's law
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    I am angry about the head phones connectors being phased out of phones. I won't be upgrading my phone unless it has an audio jack. So, there is that. Kinda want this switch though, but moving to Crapple to get it? No thanks.
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    @Demolishun One good reason to forget the headphone jack on pocket devices is that it tends to get dusty and degrade the overall lifetime of the phone
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    @Lor-inc It doesn't get dusty if you use it all the time..
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