Dev’s then: “Let’s make a new software that will revolutionize the world!!!”.

Dev’s now: “How do I center a div in CSS?”.

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    My personal projects straight up start with one of those tiny / minimal CSS frameworks (if even that) and it just gets built with a bunch of outputs and input boxes all smashed to the left and jumbled up.... I figure I'll sort it out later.

    Getting caught up in rando CSS is just too much of a time sink when you're really doing something else.
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    @N00bPancakes And CSS is boring as hell
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    Tech then: here's a language. do something cool with it.

    Tech now: here's the docker image containing the node.js server which launches installation of npm packages which transpile from coffeescript to typescript to js connected to some autogenerated php which writes out the inline javascript which builds the site's DOM.

    no wonder.
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    Client wants to make sure we can support a 12 column grid...

    Huge meeting wherein I posit that there's pretty much no use case for a 12 column grid... and we should focus on 6/3/2/1 and 4/2/1 responsive grid patterns.

    Everybody insists that we include support for 12 column grids because they read some shit on fucking Wired or something.

    Fine. We'll include Bootstrap so you guys can feel like you did a thing.

    Design comes back... nothing but 4/2/1 and 3/1 responsive grids.

    Fucking idiots.
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    Hey guys.

    I just published my first module.

    It’s an npm package that centers a div and it only has 4.3 million dependencies.

    Just run “npm install -g fistmyownasshole”
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    It's much easier to add something to a 10 years old industry than a 60 years old one.
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    @N00bPancakes I may... I may have to back that up.

    I'm going to make a module called "fistmyownass" and all it will do is wrap whatever content it is passed in an old HTML <center> tag... and Idgaf if it even works.

    This project will have (totally needlessly) every shaky ass module I can find that is currently in some state of being broken, along with any packages that themselves have a shitload of dependencies. It will make heavy use of request, and will probably find a reason to need to compile with gcc and/or node-gyp for no fucking reason, both of which will fail anyway.

    Keep an eye out for my first module guys!!!
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi OK, I'll use your module to create a website that solves responsivity by centering the IPhone4 view on the viewport.
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    @Lor-inc Also really useful for backwards compatibility for centering HTML emails in Outlook prior to 2013, which is still a surprisingly common business email client.

    Your business needs “fistmyownass”!
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    You can learn all this for a 500 dollar a month course at udemy. Learn from the industry’s top leaders at gasp Google! Microsoft! Tesla! Amazon! Learn Reactive CSS! Responsive CSS! Node CSSScript! Get your dream job!

    John Smith: Duuur hi I was barely scraping by cleaning toilets and dropped out of high school and binge drank every night. My IQ is 84. With financial support from my friends and family I took Node CSSScript at udemy and now I’m making six figures a year! See? Anyone can do it!
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    If there is one flaw in web development it's reinventing the UI/UX over and over again.

    Not that the specific problem of centering (while properly scaling) does not exist in GUI development.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi We still really need 12 column grid though. It needs to be future proof and the dirty dozen is coming. We just hired a 12x content manager. He will fill you up in ways you have never been filled.
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