My mom’s not too great with tech

she’s the kind of person who thinks I’m hacking when I use a terminal

My brother is teaching her to play among us, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen

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    Me spending 15 years programming... none of my friends gives a shit.

    But I run "npm update && npm upgrade" once and these mother fuckers act like I just hacked the DoJ.
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    Way back in the day I used to tile my screen with DOS tree command outputs and some that would just randomly list files and etc.

    Folks thought it was awesome .... and it kinda was ;)

    I ran across a docker image out there somewhere that was sorta of a hacker multiple terminals doing cool stuff thing a while back. Lots of fun.
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    @N00bPancakes These days it's pm2 monit... but yeah... I have no reason to sit and watch the console output from this random node daemon for days at a time... other than it's cool af.
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    My mom is also not good with tech , but she is always right about the terminal part
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