A few years ago, i got a call which went like this:

Phone: *rings*

Me: *looks at call, recognises the number and picks up*

Me: "Hello! Haven't heard from you in a while! How are you doing?"

Him: "I have a problem with my PC, could you..."

Me: *hangs up*

Aside from not even getting a "hello, how are you?" at the start of the call, here's the plot-twist:

A - This was my goddamn Brother calling

B - It was my goddamn birthday

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    Damn didn't see that comming. In the name of all brothers out there. I wish you happy b-day
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    @FintinaM Haha, that happened many years ago and my bday is in April - but I still appreciate that! Thanks very much, I shall forward that to my past-self ;-)
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    @TRiGGER80 I'm having a riot with "Forward to my past self" just think about it 🤔
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    @ctmalloy "Forward to the past" - would be a great movie title...

    Or even better yet, the other direction... Something like "Back to the future", maybe....

    ...Oh, wait...

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    I think my brother can solve problems with his pic
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    Idiot 🙃
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    h@pPY B!rThdAY Buddy :)
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    Plus side and minus side to all situations I suppose - for one my family is tech orientated. Plus side is that they don't phone me for shit. Negative side is that they just don't phone me because they don't need my help. That and "oh yes, I remember doing that x amount of years ago, hah".
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    Unlikely, but what if it was a surprise party?
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    It was or it is your birthday?
    Today is my birthday!
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    I propose a surprize party in april for our brother
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    @pokemanicx xD Youre actually right... theres one or two more stories i could tell ;-)
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    @matsaki95 Its not about the fixing though... its about being polite and grateful... I mean, a "HELLO" or a "Happy Birthday" upfront would have been nice... Especially if you ever only contact your Brother when you have a TechIssue.
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    @some-one Thanks :( As i stated above, though, this happend many years ago. (and my bday is in April, actually) Thanks anyways, much appreciated!
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    @ragnarr023 True dat! And thats also the thing with my brother... he only ever contacted me when he beeded Tech Support =/
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    @lb77 LOL! NOPE! Relations with my brother have always been... difficult... to a toxic degree (but for more reasons than just the kind of stuff i ranted about)... Not gonna happen.
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    @Gmon64kay Thanks man... I appreciate that. I guess, a lot of devRant-Members have to deal with stuff like this...
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    @shivayl Sorry, saw your comment only now. This happened in my birthday a few years ago. Its actually in April.

    And happy (belated) birthday to you, my friend!!!
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    @pokemanicx By the way! I saw on your profile that you're from Duisburg? I am from Bochum! Used to play guitar in a small band in Duisburg for a couple of years :)
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    @TRiGGER80 yes, uiuiuiu 🙈
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    @pokemanicx Ruhrgebiet FTW! 8D
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    ahhh .. well return his call with a null
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    Siblings are Asshats.
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    @TRIGGERED You didnt create this account just for this one pun, right?
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