First time meeting girlfriends grandparents.

👴👵: So what do you do?
😎: I'm a software engineer ... So computers and stuff.
👴: Oh, can you have a look at my phone? There's that weird icon I don't understand ...

So within five minutes, I was their tech support. It was an icon for Android Nearby, btw and I didn't have an explanation ready.

That happened five more times this evening.

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    That's why I "work with cows". *Winks*

    Good luck and welcome, IT guy :D
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    @Jilano La vache qui rit (:
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    @Jilano so can you send a couple of milk bottles to us? :3
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    @Jilano my cow is acting weird, any chance you can bring me a spare one?
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    @xewl I can neither confirm not deny this information.

    @cursee "The stars are not in position for this tribute."

    @JiggleTits Have you tried putting your arm in then out?
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    @Jilano no, ill give it a fist
    Edit: My cow was non-existing, it solved my issue. Thanks
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    @Jilano i think my cow is dead fix please.
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    They were just helping your girlfriend to test you. Your answers are irrelevant, your attitude and willingness is everything.
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    @three333 I know from a trustworthy source that @JiggleTits has a working cow. Please see with him.

    Ticket closed.
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    @Alice doesn't that task belong to me alone? 😡
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    @Alice before wishing for a machine which can run multiple OSs at same time, I'm gonna wish for a virtual milking app/device for this Xmas :3
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    @Alice lactating and hot. Love, you might be ill 😛.

    On second thought, a sweaty lactating cow sounds ... delicious 😅
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    @xewl de koe die lacht 😋
    Well more than software devs turned tech support, that much is for sure 😜

    @cursee don't write an app for that, take it straight from the source 😏
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    It's worse when you're actually tech-support, because then they (think/)know you can help..
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    @Alice Sorry, it costs more for humans. Besides, I would like some cookies.
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    Dad: fix this TV & receiver set thing son

    Me, after googling the model number around for a while: I have no idea what's wrong with it.

    Dad: I paid your tuition...

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    @hijinx "Well, you also paid for the TV and look where we are."
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    Why did everyone miss the mention of a GIRLFRIEND 😵
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    Never say your profession...soon you'll be everyone's IT Support!
    Been there done that...now I know to shut my damn mouth!....🙃
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