Interviewer: Do you have any questions?
Me: When can I expect to hear back?

Interviewer: The HR will inform you
The HR never contacted me

4 years back I interviewed with a big bank
Neither the interviewer nor HR got back to me

Initially I had hope so I mailed them
Even then I didn’t get any revert

It is understandable that
I might not be deserving of that job

But I felt I deserved a feedback why?
The experience was really disappointing

Recently, a colleague & I were interviewing
“You don’t match our current requirement”

“We will send a written feedback
in a couple of days”, I told the candidate

Later my colleague: “Isn’t it unprofessional
to directly reject the candidate?”

Me: “I feel that an honest no is much better
than false hope from a delayed feedback”

“The candidate can move on
& focus on other interviews better”

Thoughts? Did I do the right thing?

Have you ever got a delayed feedback
or no feedback at all after an interview?

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    Straightforward honesty is almost always the best course. You did the right thing.

    It’s initially harder due to emotions and bruised egos, but it allows the person to move on, and most importantly: you’re not lying to them. Just expect an immediate follow-up of “what did I do wrong?”
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    We need more of people like you
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    My principle in life: Seedha, Sateek, Satya (Straight, Exact, Truth).
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    You did the right thing. It's better to give them a feedback so that they could focus on other interviews rather than worry about how the previous one went.
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    I dont know a person who was hurt for being rejected. But never hearing back, thats like a baad break up.
    Ghosting is becoming a part of culture, unfortunately.
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    I need to interview people every now and then after they make it through HR. I hate HR, all they do is try to put people in boxes and reject prime candidates based on pseudoscience - "this person who is a prime candidate for our engineering position did poorly on our HRs BS accounting-based math aptitude test so we rejected her. Instead we recommend this clueless no-experience PHD graduate".

    I know some people ask HR for feedback but the reality is that they don't know why I rejected you, because they never ^&%$ listen to what I tell them to look out for in candidates.
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    I'm reminded of a job I applied for, 3 people interviewed me.

    Head of IT department, who wanted me for my 30+ years experience..

    Head of HR, who didn't..

    A random member of staff, who didn't..

    Meanwhile, the candidate who did get the job:

    Head of IT department, didn't want them, as they had zero experience..

    Head of HR, who did..

    A random member of staff, who did..

    2 to 1 voting won !
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    Yes I think you did the right thing.

    I remember a job I applied for, they said they would let me know either way before 5pm that day.

    (I had the interview at something like 2pm.)

    So I stayed and waited in the lobby till 5pm..

    (Thinking they probably won't phone me..)

    5pm came and went, no one told me jack shit.

    6pm, zilch.

    Went home, emailed them, phoned them, left messages, they never got back to me.

    Assumed I didn't get it !

    And this was one of those 2 day interviews, first day hours of tests.

    Next time I'm just going to say, you can have half an hour of my time with one interview, take it or leave it, as I'm not going to waste my time going to repeated interviews if you folk are just going to jerk me around and not even have the decency to let me know either way when you said you are going to.

    With 30+ years IT experience, I don't need to waste an hour showing folk I know how to type and use a mouse..
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    @halfflat Humans can get bent.
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    You did the right thing in being honest and blunt.
    Delaying feedback when you know the answer feels like the opposite.
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    Dude. Never stop! That should be the standard
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